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Sunday, January 31, 2010

obamas` state of the union.....I need to steal more from the middleclass...

One day after the state of the Union speech I am already sick and tired of the new and improved "I have great disdain for America" champion of the world President Obama. The President wasted no-time “creating jobs” yesterday which in ObamaSpeak has come to mean “spending OPM or other peoples money”.

He and “not only is he a member but he’s also the Vice President of the hair Club For Men” Biden parachuted in to Tampa FL to listlessly announce the construction of a high speed rail from Orlando to Tampa. “Why should Germany have trains that go 230 miles an hour and not the United States!?” bellowed Biden?

Well, that may have something to do with Europe’s rejection of the independence gained by owning your own vehicle. Germany also has a tax rate substantially higher than the US and that’s after those infamous flirtations with actual dictators and their equally infamous infrastructure projects: like high speed “public rails”.

The $7 billion price tag didn’t even make Obama flinch when he pronounced he would spend it “fighting for middle class jobs”. If only the poor saps in the audience realized that poor saps in 49 other states would be enlisted to pay that $7 Billion back ... with interest, or maybe they do realize it but just don`t give a damn how much money they steal from the taxpayers, which would be a safe bet in my opinion...

Come to think of it, with Porkulus infrastructure jobs being created all over the country sometimes in zip codes and Congressional districts that don’t exist, the poor saps in Tampa ARE financing projects in 49 states outside of FL. Now that’s what Obama used to call spreading the wealth around.

While our fearless credit card charger in chief was writing IOU’s for our grandchildren to pay the other end of the Obama Job Machine - The U.S. Senate - was busy passing bills to borrow an additional $1.9 TRILLION to finance “job creation” for the rest of this fiscal year.

Meanwhile on the other end of Mordor on the Potomac, Nancy Pelosi was busy dazzling the capitol press corps, promising that even if it required a “pole vault”, she would get health care passed this year “for the American people.”

All this happened in a span of just 6 hours, just imagine what this train wreck called the “new Obama” can do in 6 years.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"My Fellow Americans...I quit" - Obama

Well that would be our dream. A nice dream at that, but unfortunately now we get to play the game of being blamed BECAUSE we stood up to the government. We fought it and we are to blame because they passed it "for us". Listen to Liar Liar Gibbs this morning admitting that not only have the Democrats lost their supermajority and Haveˆto work with the Republicans" now. Silently confessing that the democrats were happily working away without having to worry about the Republicans.

How awful for them! Poor democrats who actually have to work out their arguments with people who disagree with them. But whats this? a Silver lining appears... now that the Republicans have enough votes to stop us and we can't ignore those people telling us to stop (not the Republicans but the "r" republicans) we can say that THEY are now responsible.

These people are spending our money, you tell them to stop, they mess it up, get caught, forced to stop, than turn around and blame you because they spent the money on your behalf so you should have to take responsibility. He actually acts as if the elected officials who are Republicans were not responsible for running the country. Only those who agreed with the President were to "govern" the country.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are you a true conservative, and What Do You Want To Conserve?

I always ask the question, define “conservative.”

No Republican has ever been able to reverse the tide of rising federal spending. None. Gingrich came the closest. And he wasn’t able to stop it; he was able to slow it down. Reagan certainly wasn’t able to stop it. Bush just joyously padded it, added to it.

The honest look at this, or the honest appraisal of the current malaise that we find ourselves in, and I believe H.L. Mencken, the great writer, said this once upon a time, that the American people vote for the government they want, and they ought to get what they want and get it hard. You people vote to be ruled. You people vote to be taxed. You people vote to create welfare, welfare frauds, welfare cheats, welfare moms. You vote for it. You don’t demand that your legislators go to wherever it is they’re legislating at and leave you the hell alone. You go there, you vote in most instances, maybe up until the last year or so until you found this show, you vote for your share of the loot. You vote for your share of the booty, of the goodies. Hey, man, bring some of that back to me, man. I want to inject, I want to mainline it. Come on, I need my fix.

The sooner we admit that, the sooner we admit that we were wrong and we need to reverse that practice. Like Jim DeMint said yesterday, too many people believe that they send someone to Washington, D.C. to go get them something. And too many Republicans believe – your saviors – that they send someone to Washington, or to Beacon Hill in Massachusetts’s case, or in Rouge Baton here in Louisiana’s case, you send your legislature there, or legislator, to go get you something. “Hey, man, its your job to go fend for my fair share.”

This is why I laugh at this idolatry of the tax cut. “Chris, aren’t you for tax cuts?” I’m for no income taxes. None. Zero. Zip. I am for no national sales or value-added taxes. None. Zero. We’ve got enough people consuming enough goods made in foreign lands that come into this country to tax them and tariff them to provide for all the common defense you people could ever want.

I know what you people say, If we eliminate taxes, we won’t have a military, Chris, you idiot, and we’re all going to get steamrolled.” We have 675 million firearms in this land. 675 million firearms. You people have been watching too many reruns of “Red Dawn.” You people, the militia out there, 675 million firearms. You boast and brag about how locked and loaded and armed you are. You think the Mexicans don’t know that? You think the ChiComs don’t know that? You think the Russkies don’t know that? All this, but we have to have taxes. If we don’t have taxes, goofball, we’re not going to have a military.”

Did you know that if you eliminated the income tax, just eliminated it, eliminated all the revenue from the income tax – and I’m using 2007 tax numbers. If you eliminated what the federal government took in in income taxes – which are illegal in my estimation, but that’s another arguement for another day.
If you eliminated the income taxes in the 2007 budget, there was still enough tax revenue pouring into the Federal Treasury to fund the government operations that existed before George W. Bush took office in 2000. That’s right. You could fund the entire governmental apparatus that existed at the end of Bill Clinton’s two terms in office without an income tax. All of it. But oh, no. “Chris, we want to be taxed for military spending.
We have to police the world, dude.
You need to stop hanging out with those libertarians.” We can’t afford the police the world anymore.
I don’t understand what part of this is not sinking in.

Oh [sighing]. Another day, another dollar. Another day, another round, another discussion with decepticons and others. What do you mean, Venice is sinking? Why is Venice sinking? You mean Venice, Italy is sinking? Oh, oh [laughing]. We could all use a little bit of global warming right now. Because of global warming, Venice is sinking.

Oh, and by the by, Dear Leader Chairman Maobama, remember the new guy that turned a new leaf? I heard loud and clear what the pickup truck fans and Massachusetts said, and we’re going to listen.

Here’s a headline from earlier this week:
Obama to Nationalize Student Lending with Pending Budget Bill.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been blogging about this forever. When Obama was on the campaign trail, as a matter of fact, this is how he got the name Chairman Maobama. Because he said [I`m mimicking President Obama], “We need to stop giving money to banks and other lending institutions that make money on student loans when the government can do it cheaper.” He actively wants the federal government competing for the profits(you know those dangerous profits that all the companies he demonizes strives after)– or actually wants to eliminate the competition from the federal government. How ironic is that?
The healthcare bill is all based on choice. “We want choice.” There are choices now for students that want to get loans. There are. there’s too much choice. So, and there are too many people making money on the choice. So we’re going to eliminate it.

A bill currently before the Senate would empower the Obama administration to nationalize the student lending industry, eliminating the federally subsidized private loans millions of university students rely on for their education. I would say that they rely on them to be de-educated. But that’s just me. The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act currently being considered by the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee would eliminate the Federal Family Education Loan program. FFEL loans are federally subsidized and make up 80 percent of the student lending industry. And ladies and gentlemen, this is just yet another, another example, if I may point out, of the welfare state that you people participate in, that your chirruns, your tots participate in, and you never give it a thought. Federally subsidized student loans means that someone is subsidizing that loan. And if your tot or your tike doesn’t pay it back, then we’re all subsidizing. Oh, that’s fine, though. That’s fine. So now Obama proposes to take over yet another industry. Just Hugo Chavezing his way through industry after industry. Oh, I think I want to take this one over. Oh, I think I want to take that one over.

While all this is going on, congress just goes along, and for those out there that are keeping score thats dems/libs and republicans alike, not to mention the millions of americans that just stick their head in the sand and pretend that nothings going on, or just maybe it because they have been so brainwashed by the liberal agenda in our education system that they are too stupid to tell the difference between right and wrong, who knows, all I know is that this run away government has to be stopped and everyone in congress, the judicial system, and yes, the president, his admin, and all his czars should be arrested and jailed for what they have done to this once great nation.

That is my dream, my hope and change....!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Drink Coffee Not Obamanaid

Let me try to explain why I am not doing cartwheels down the street like some of you people are, and I think foolishly doing cartwheels down the street.
Here’s why. Show me in American history, show it to me, call me up, send me an email, show me when the rise of the growth of government has been reversed. Show it to me. I want to see it. Show it to me. Regardless of whether or not Obama gets healthcare, and they will get some kind of healthcare, they have successfully expanded the federal budget by the tune or to the tune of a trillion and a half dollars. They’ve done it. They’ve passed the bills. The bills have been written. The funds have been borrowed. And next year, when it comes time to reauthorize those budgets, they’re going to use this baseline projecting garbage and go, “Well, we can’t start cutting people off. We made commitments to welfare people and Medicare and Medicaid. And the government has commitments. We’ve got to keep this level of spending. Now, we’ll try to slow it down.”

You watch. You mark my words. The Obamabot zombies, Dear Leader Chairman Maobama and all his Mao Tse-tung-loving buddies have succeeded in expanding the government by half. They have enlarged it 50 percent from where they got it. This is not going to be repealed. If you think that Republicans are going to go to the Congress in 2010 and start repealing entire Acts of Congress and axing agencies, you’re smoking something; please, pass it to me. There are a few that want to do it, but not nearly enough. Why? Because you people and your friends and your neighbors and your family members are drunk. You’re drunk on the welfare state. Now, there’s going to be a reckoning, an awful, terrible reckoning. And people will get kicked off the assistance. And this is the great human crime because they don’t know how to care for themselves in many instances because we’ve insisted that they be useless, worthless, feckless; that they surrender their human dignity; and that they surrender that survival instinct that we’re all born with. Instead, trust the government. It’ll take care of you. This is why I’m not happy.

Now, and I said this the other day. I don’t know how many times I’ve got to explain this. I’ll explain it every hour of every day, if you people want me to.
Obama and Pelosi and Reid and Little Dick Durbin and all the rest of them have succeeded in expanding Leviathan. Remember we had our guest on this show back in November, the great economist Robert Higgs, the man that invented the term that everyone uses now to describe this process? It’s called the “ratchet effect.” Once you ratchet government up, it never retreats. You can’t show me in history where it’s ever retreated. So please stop with your glad-handing, stop with, oh, the rosiness of the future.

When you start electing people that are going to reverse the ratchet effect and are telling you they’re going to reverse the ratchet effect, then I will do cartwheels with you. I’ll learn how to do a back handspring with you.

Like a great radio announcer here in the great city of New Orleans, Mike Church, a man who heavily influenced yours truly’s. Weren’t for guys like Mike C. out there making people laugh, but at the same time saying what he thought, and having those thoughts stick in people’s minds, I wouldn’t be here today. I wouldn’t have the attitude that I have. Mike C. promised his entire career, he used to call people like the guys who email me “squirrels.” “You’re a squirrel, let me tell you, a squirrel.

Seriously, what are you smoking? You’re a squirrel.”

You people are squirrels. Get over yourself. I mean, for crying out loud, we have $57 trillion in unfunded liabilities, a $14 trillion debt if these nitwits succeed in raising the debt ceiling, and you want me to be happy about a RINO libtard that just got elected to the U.S. Senate? Oh, that’s going in the right direction. No, it’s not. Scott Brown’s not going to go to the Senate and do anything to reverse any of this. Please. You’re drinking the Kool-Aid. And I refuse to drink it with you. You can drink it all you want, brother, get drunk on it. But I ain’t drinking it with you.

So you can stop, right now you can stop with “Chris, c’mon. Levin’s happy. C’mon, Mike. Sean’s happy. C’mon, they’re energized. You need to get energized.” You need energy for that, well, then you have those shows. And I respect them, and that’s their opinion, and they are free to wield it, and I hope they continue to do so because they’re both great broadcasters. But this is my blog. This is what I think here. People just insist that everyone be in total harmony with them. Total harmony. Yeah, and now my email box is filling with comments like, “You’re missing the point on Scott Brown, you loser.”
I’m not missing anything[laughing].

I’m going to say one more thing about this. Let me ask you people that are sending me emails about this right now quick. Let me ask you a question. Do you think that the same people in Taxachusetts that rejected Obama and rejected the Kennedys and embraced Scott Brown, do you think that if it were on the ballot in Taxachusetts to repeal most of their liberal social welfare state that they’ve been living under, do you believe that there is a majority there to do it, and for those people to go it alone, be on their own? Do you think? Because I don’t think they’re there yet. And when they are, I will do the cartwheel with you, I promise.

Friday, January 22, 2010

No Audit, No Bernanke

January 21, 2010

Dear Freedom for America Reader,

Our country’s economic future is in Ben Bernanke’s hands on a daily basis.

Now his job security is in ours.

I need you to immediately call your senators with a simple message: “No vote on Bernanke until we get a vote on Audit the Fed.”

Illinois residents need to call:
Senator Roland Burris: 202-224-2854
Senator Richard Durbin: 202-224-2152

Here’s what’s going on and why you need to act immediately. It’s a little complex, so bear with me.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has led the charge to place a “hold” on Bernanke’s nomination to a second term as Fed chairman until the Senate votes on Audit the Fed. This means to get a vote on Bernanke, Harry Reid has to have a vote on “cloture” (just like in the health care battle), and that requires a super-majority of 60 votes.

Insiders now tell me that Harry Reid is threatening to ram through a cloture vote as early as next week.

Senator DeMint is joined by David Vitter, Jim Bunning, and Bernie Sanders in his efforts, but these senators cannot succeed alone. But right now, Republicans should stop caving in to Harry Reid’s muscle on behalf of Ben Bernanke and the out of control Federal Reserve, and Democrats are cowering in fear of the popular revolt against out of control spending and the economic wreck it has helped create.

A strong message from activists like you could start a stampede in the Senate that will make Harry Reid back off of Bernanke and give us a vote on Audit the Fed.

After all, Harry Reid is already the most vulnerable Democrat up for reelection next year, according to the polls.

Illinois residents call your senators at the following numbers:

Senator Roland Burris: 202-224-2854
Senator Richard Durbin: 202-224-2152

Make sure you let them know that:

1.) If they are not cosponsoring Audit the Fed, you expect them to sign on in support of finding out what the Fed has done with trillions of our dollars. Tell them you will make sure their constituents know of their action or inaction on this issue.

2.) They must vote “no” on cloture until after there is a vote on Audit the Fed. No vote should be taken on Ben Bernanke’s confirmation, or the nomination of anyone else for Fed Chairman, until Audit the Fed has received a public, up or down vote. The real issue here is not the Fed chairman himself. It is the need for complete transparency.

Ben Bernanke’s term as Fed chairman expires on January 31, so Harry Reid is under pressure from Barack Obama to act quickly.

Which means we must act even faster.

The Senate has enough on its plate with the fight over health care, so they can ill afford to face yet another tough fight over the leadership’s agenda.

Time to turn up the pressure.

P.S. Senator DeMint and his colleagues are counting on your support as they fight for Audit the Fed. Call your senators today and urge them to delay any action on Ben Bernanke's confirmation until Audit the Fed receives a public, up or down vote!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The US Shed 32,000 jobs last week BUT Obama wants to bring in 220,000 Haitians to work... what could possibly go wrong?

We cant even keep track of would be terrorists, and underware bombers, but we are going to keep track of 200,000 haitians????? My god, has this government gone completely insane? Especially when we are shedding jobs for americans by the 100`s of thousands!

The Obama administration is preparing to handle applications from as many as 200,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants who want to live and work legally in the United States under a new immigration program unveiled last week in the aftermath of Haiti's destructive earthquake.

The federal government will begin accepting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) applications on Thursday, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, whose agency will process the paperwork.

Mayorkas was in Miami Wednesday to meet with local immigrant aid groups to South Florida to talk about the daunting task of handling the likely blizzard of applications from Haitians seeking the opportunity to remain in the United States.

Administration officials approved TPS for Haitians last week as part of an effort to help Haiti recover from the earthquake that left an estimated 200,000 people dead and about 1.5 million homeless.

The TPS designation is reserved for selected undocumented migrants from countries disrupted by natural disasters, armed conflicts or other emergencies.

Those Haitians approved will be allowed to stay in the United States for 18 months and be issued work permits to find jobs.

To be approved, Haitian immigrants must submit proof of Haitian citizenship and must show they were in the United States before Jan. 12 -- the day the devastating earthquake struck Haiti.

Local immigrant advocacy groups say that between 34,000 and 68,000 potential TPS applicants may be in South Florida and almost 100,000 statewide. They had earlier pegged the number of Haitians eligible for TPS at 30,000 nationwide.

USCIS officials said they are increasing staffs at various offices and service centers where applications are processed to expedite decisions.

The goal is to fast-track work permits for applicants, delivering them within 90 days or sooner, said USCIS' Mayorkas. TPS applicants typically wait six months.

``All applications will be treated as urgent,'' he said.

Authorization to work is a key priority for the majority of undocumented Haitians, particularly now that they are desperate to send money to relatives affected by last week's earthquake.

USCIS will try to waive the hefty application fees -- almost $500 -- to as many applicants as possible, said Mayorkas. But he would not commit to waiving fees for all applicants.

``We are aware that some people are financially vulnerable and we will be reviewing the applications with a generosity of spirit,'' Mayorkas told reporters.

Some aid group members pressed Mayorkas to also waive the requirement for government-issued identification for applicants.

USCIS officials at the meeting said they will consider accepting Haitian IDs after a Miami Haitian consulate official -- commercial attaché Karlo Pelissier -- said at the meeting that his office can issue ID papers for the applicants.

The consulate generally charges $30 for an ID, but Pelissier said he will check with his government on whether the fee can be waived.

By obtaining work permits with the possibility of getting a job, tens of thousands of undocumented Haitian immigrants in the United States are likely to send tens of millions of dollars to homeland relatives.
Not to mention that they are not only going to receive work visas`, green cards, welfare assistence but in some cases drivers licenses, and voters registration cards(not hard to see where obama is going with this one)

The latest estimate shows that Haitian immigrants in the United States send more than $1 billion in remittances to Haiti, according to the Inter-American Development Bank, which closely tracks remittances to the region.

The money sent from Haitians living in the United States and other foreign countries represents more than one-third of Haiti's gross national product.

Michelle Obama asks mayors to help reduce obesity

First lady Michelle Obama urged the nation's mayors Wednesday to join her in a campaign to reduce childhood obesity.

In a speech to a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Mrs. Obama said locally elected leaders are among the first to see what's happening to the people in their communities.

Her remarks, coming on the anniversary of her first year as first lady, marked the beginning of what Mrs. Obama has said will be a major initiative on her part to raise awareness about childhood obesity.

A formal rollout of her program is planned for next month. Mrs. Obama has said she will look to businesses and nonprofits, community and health centers, educators, religious leaders and government to help.

Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past 30 years, and the latest figures show that about one in three children are overweight. Nearly 2 in 10, or 17 percent, are obese, or dangerously overweight.

"The statistics still never fail to take my breath away," Mrs. Obama told the standing-room only audience.

The first lady said she knows budgets are tight everywhere, but she said the nation can't afford to continue on the current path, which means that nearly half of all Americans will be obese in just 10 years.

Higher obesity rates, she said, pose a threat to the economy and the nation's collective health through increased spending on obesity-related conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

"Leadership is about having the foresight and the courage to make those sacrifices and investments in the short run that pay big dividends, often paying for themselves many times over in the long run," she said.

Mrs. Obama also highlighted steps some mayors have taken to help their communities get healthier.

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett challenged the city to lose 1 million pounds and created a Web site where people can find weight-loss tips and track their progress. Some 40,000 people have signed up and, together, have shed more than half a million pounds. Cornett lost 40 pounds.

In Somerville, Mass., Mayor Joseph Curtatone partnered with local eateries to promote those that agree to offer low-fat options and smaller portions.

In Bowling Green, Ky., Mayor Elaine Walker launched a Web site to encourage residents to exercise by helping them find information on parks, trails and upcoming bike rides, and runs and walks.

Mrs. Obama said Cornett's example shows the power of raising awareness of an issue.

AP - Wed, 20 Jan 2010 20:25:36 -0500 (EST)

Now where in the hell does michelle, or her elitist husband and his admin get the authority to target one group of people????? How many time do I have to scream about how UNCONSTITUTIONAL THIS IS????

Dont fool yourself people, she says childhood obesity but that will only open the door for these libs to target everyone that is overweight......
Come on people wake the hell up and impeach this president, and throw them all out of washington, the libs/dems have done enough damage!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DeceptiCons Riding Brown's Victory

Well the great news is that Scott Brown won. What is of note is that no where in his acceptance speech did he EVER mention the Republicans, but has that stopped the Republicans from claiming victory...NO

Almost immediately they have jumped to the pulpit screaming their victory cries and how they have finally shown Obama a thing or two.

Just look at any news source and you see headlines like: GOP snatches victory, Historic Upset, Republicans Take 41st Seat

But is Brown a Republican, he doesn't seem to be a little "r" republican. Don't get me wrong I am thrilled that Brown won, I just want you people to think about it and not get swept in the swell and think this will change the entire situation. Remember, Brown is a North Eastern Democrat, and if you watched his only interview this morning on NBC, you would see that he is a supporter of Healthcare, provided that it does not hurt his state. Still, he has said that he will kill this healthcare bill and that alone should count for him.

"NOW... WE must make the case that the Red State equivalent of Scott Brown is a secessionist"

So as we look at this great victory, remember who it was who won this race, it was the independents. If the independents of MA can elect someone our little "r" republicans should never undervalue the power of independents. So as you enjoy this victory and happy day, watching the Democrats flounder, just remember to beware of those DeceptiCons.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Illinois Careens Toward Bankruptcy:

First, let me take this opportunity to personally thank obama for the great job he has done for illinois while he was in the legislature here...
Then let me say this, if what he plans for america is what he did to illinois....

Illinois’ finances are in dire straights.

Some fear the state is a hair’s breath from (gasp!) bankruptcy.

"We would like all the stakeholders of Illinois to recognize how close the state is to bankruptcy or insolvency," Laurence Msall, president of the Civic Federation, a fiscal watchdog in Chicago told Crain’s Chicago Business.

Bankruptcy is defined as an inability to pay debts out of current assets, and it’s no secret that Illinois can’t pay its bills. The latest count puts Illinois’ unpaid bills at around $5 billion – a contentious fact among the state’s gubernatorial hopefuls.

The question is: what can Illinois do about its near-bankrupt status?

Answer: not much.

Federal bankruptcy protection doesn’t apply to states, so there's no way for Illinois to hide from its creditors. And none of Illinois politicians are willing to make the tough choices needed to close the budget gap, like raising taxes or cutting spending, Crain’s notes.

Many foresee a governmental collapse in which vendors will stop bidding on contracts, investors will stop buying bonds and employees will be paid with IOUs, similar to what California has done.

"I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel," Dan Strick, CEO of SouthStar Services, a Chicago Heights non-profit that helps people with developmental disabilities told Crain's. "It seems to be getting worse and worse, and the delays longer and longer."

Indeed, Illinois is not taking in cash, its liquid assets have dipped below $1 million at times, Comptroller Dan Hynes said, and the state is supposed to pay $5.4 billion into its pension fund next year and $10 billion the year after that. And that's just the beginning.

"The crisis will come when you see state institutions shutting down because they can't pay their employees," David Merriman, head of the economics department at the University of Illinois at Chicago told the publication.

No-one wants to see a budget crisis.....yeah right, and if you believe that I have some live dinosuars to sell you!

Chairman of the Democratic National Convention admits that voters don't matter and that they will pass this healthcare bill no matter what

All day long I heard, all we need is one seat, just one Republican and we win!" When will you people get it through your heads?! They planned for all of this, they knew there was a chance they might lose their super-majority any day in the worst case scenario.

And now they are openly admitting it, see what the Chairman of the DNC, Chris Van Hollen said.
Even if Democrats lose the Jan. 19 special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator, Congress may still pass a health-care overhaul by using a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.

“Even before Massachusetts and that race was on the radar screen, we prepared for the process of using reconciliation,” said Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Getting health-care reform passed is important,” Van Hollen said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “Reconciliation is an option.”

$100 million here a hundred million there, whats a few 100 million between friends???

$100 million here a hundred million there and pretty soon we’re talking about real money goes the old saying made new on today’s Church Doctrine. Why is no one in the Fringe Media questioning President Obama and the $100 million he “pledged” to give Haiti for “relief”? At the very least our Dear Leader is pledging money that is not his to pledge which turns on its head the notion that his act is charity.

One can only engage in a charitable act with one’s own money. Back in the old days before wealth transfers became so popular, if you went to the racetrack to place a bet on John Henry to win place or show, you would reach into your pocket to get the $10 needed to make the bet. If you did not want to wager your own $10, you could pick pocket the unlucky guy next to you with the Guyabera shirt on. This used to be called stealing before Democrats got their hands on the dictionary.

Back to our friend in the Guyabera, if you took this chap to be the charitable type, you could ask him to place your bet for you with his money. This tactic will fail most of the time with most folks and 100% of the time with liberals. Those same liberals, like Obama, think charity is the act of them “pledging” someone elses money to solve whatever societal ill is today’s cause celebre, like Haiti.

Leaving aside the fraudulent statement that Obama’s “pledge” is at least termed incorrectly, will someone in the Fringe Media please ask where the President, any President divines the power to transfer millions of dollars to any cause without an appropriation from Congress......

I’m just not sold on the long term benefit if scott brown wins in mass.

And so it will come to pass that MA Senate candidate Scott Brown will fulfill the hopes and dreams of many honest and decent citizens fed up with their tyrannical gubbmints at all levels. And although Freedom for America will celebrate a Libtard defeat with you, it comes with a reminder and a warning from yours truly.

Remember that just to the North of Taxachusetts is the great state of Maine where there are not one but 2 US Senators and lo and behold they both happen to be ... Republicans! Faithful readers will remember that it was Susan Collins who sided with the Libtards and gave them her vote for the Porkulus Succubus, stimulus bill which is now reviled by the same folks pouring their heart and souls into Scott Brown’s candidacy.

Collins was joined by her fellow Mainer, Olympia Snowe and then DeceptiCon turned Libtard Arlen Sphincter. The bill passed 61-39. Lets go a little further down Memory Lane and discover that the first bailout bill passed the Senate 74-25 with over half the “Republican Caucus” voting for the very piece of Legislation that first animated the same people who have flocked to Scott Brown.

Has anyone asked whether or not then Senator Scott Brown backed the “TARP bailout” at the time? I cannot find the answer to that query because it doesn’t appear to have been asked. Now I don’t wanna get branded as a sour puss who expects impossible things from our political class and that my friends is the point. I DON’T expect things from them, I don’t WANT things from them and when it comes to assessing the conservative credentials of candidates, less is more. Brown’s voting record puts him in the middle of the Right Wing pack in Massachusetts.

That means I expect to hear many complaints about Brown, betraying principles and voting like a RINO when he gets to the Senate.

I am delighted many of you are excited about winning Massachusetts, I’m just not sold on the long term benefit.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here come Our Socialist Dem buddies with yet another tax on MediCare

Has there ever been a time when the federal government been so blatant about their intentions to destroy the middle class, or for that matter to show their political favortisim for a special interest group, I mean as long as their has been lobbiests in washington there has been corruption, but at least it was done under the cover of darkness, but this administration just doesn`t give a damn who knows what they are doing! I know elections have consequences, but come on....

This admin is attacking marriage, middle class families, small businessess.....while protecting unions, lifetime welfare receipients, and the liberal elite, can anything be more sinister, and corrupt, and just plain morally unjust than this????
Please dont take my word for this....


House and Senate negotiators are considering applying for the first time the Medicare payroll tax to investment income as part of a compromise to pay for a health overhaul.

The extra Medicare tax would apply only to the wealthy and could allow congressional Democrats to reduce the sting of a tax on high-cost insurance plans, said Democratic aides and others briefed on the negotiations.
The proposal is intended to mollify Big Labor’s anger over the Cadillac plan tax:
Labor leaders complained directly to President Barack Obama on Monday about the tax on high-value plans, which would hit some union members who have negotiated generous health benefits.

At least one union is threatening to oppose the underlying legislation if the tax remains, and the president of the AFL-CIO suggested in a speech that Democrats who took unions for granted risked losing support in congressional elections later this year.

“Politicians who think that working people have it too good … are inviting a repeat of 1994,” when Republicans took control of the House after decades in the minority, said AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka.

So, only the “wealthy” would pay the new tax?

Think again:

Under the proposal now being considered, people making more than those amounts would also pay the Medicare tax on dividends and other income from investments, the people familiar with the talks said. Income from pensions and retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts, would be exempt.

People familiar with the talks cautioned that the idea was still in the study stage along with other ideas, and that it was too early to say whether it would find favor among Democrats.

A version of the broader Medicare tax, put forward by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D., Mich.), would raise $111 billion over 10 years, according to a December estimate from the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

The proposal would also bring the Senate closer to the House version of the health bill, which contains a 5.4% income surtax on the wealthy. That surtax would apply to income above $500,000 for individuals and $1 million for couples.

The extra Medicare tax might bring in enough to scale back the tax on high-cost health plans and still have some left over to beef up subsidies to help the poor buy health insurance — a key goal of House negotiators in the talks.

“It’s an obvious compromise,” said Chuck Marr, director of federal tax policy at the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “They need to find something between the House and Senate versions. The advantage of this proposal is that, like the House surtax, it is broad-based.”

Speaking of punitive Demcare measures, Phyllis Schlafly spotlights the government health care takeover’s marriage penalty:

Here is the cost in the House bill for an unmarried couple who each earn $25,000 a year (total: $50,000). When they both buy health insurance (which will be mandatory), the combined premiums they pay will be capped at $3,076 a year.

But if the couple gets married and has the same combined income of $50,000, they will pay annual premiums up to a cap of $5,160 a year. That means they have to fork over a marriage penalty of $2,084.

The marriage penalty is the result of the fact that government subsidies for buying health insurance are pegged to the federal poverty guidelines. Couples that remain unmarried are rewarded with a separate health care subsidy for each income.

When the Wall Street Journal reporter quizzed the Democratic authors of the health-care bill, they made it clear that this differential was deliberate. The staffer justified the discriminatory treatment because “you have to decide what your goals are.”

Indeed, the Democrats have decided what their goals are. They know that 70 percent of unmarried women voted for Obama in 2008, and the Democrats plan to reward this group with health insurance subsidies.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What the Fed really does (and it ain't pretty)

The Federal Reserve Paid the Federal Government $46 Billion in 2009. The FED Seeks Control, Not Profits

This report is from Fortune. It says that the Federal Reserve System made $51 billion in 2009, and it returned over $46 billion to the government.

The Federal Reserve System is not about making money at the expense of the government. It is about using a government-granted monopoly over money to regulate the economy to the benefit of a handful of large banks. This has always been its primary function.

The banking system is a cartel. The Federal Reserve System is the cartel's protector and enforcer.

The Fed, in a statement on Tuesday, said its members returned $46 billion of that sum to taxpayers. The central bank is an independent arm of the government and its member banks are required to return all profits to the Treasury, after certain deductions.

Those deductions account for the $6 billion difference between the two figures. Federal Reserve banks paid the private banks that control them $1.4 billion in dividends in 2009, while shoring up their own capital by $4.6 billion.

Who owns the FED? Member banks. How much money did the FED make in profit? About $1.4billion. That's not bad on $51 billion of income. It's about 2.7%. But it is a far cry from the standard criticism from anti-FED critics that the FED makes huge profits by creating money out of nothing.
For 2.7%, why does anyone care who owns the FED?

I have heard these anti-FED criticisms for years. The FED is deservedly criticized, but not on this issue: profits.

The concern over a peripheral issue deflects serious criticism, namely, its control over the monetary base. It creates the economy's boom-bust cycle. It never gets blamed for this by academic economists or the mainstream media.

The news release on what the FED paid to the Treasury is the first that I can remember. It got a lot of coverage.

My guess: the FED is trying to blunt criticism. It is getting hit from Congress because of Ron Paul's bill to audit the FED. Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed the New York Federal Reserve Bank to provide documents. The issue? The NY FED's oversight of the funding of AIG by the Treasury. This is more heat than the FED has ever experienced in its history. Wright Patman, the Texas populist Congressman, used to pillory the FED when he was chairman of the House Banking Committee a generation ago, but no one paid any attention. A lot of people are paying attention now.

A special shout out to Gary North who made this op-ed possible...

We Gave You Tarp Now We Own You

We had TARP. We had stimulus. We had bailouts. We had all this stuff, and it was all done for individual prosperity. It was not. It was done to destroy individual prosperity. The bailouts of the banks were specifically designed, we can now tell you, specifically designed to enslave the banks or ensnare the banks into a never-ending cycle where they can’t get out of it. Obama Dear Leader will own the banks. He will own the car companies. He will own them all unless all of them repay all of the money. I actually sat here today, ladies and gentlemen, and I heard Obama mouthpiece nut job Valerie Pinko Jarrett say that it doesn’t matter what conditions we loaned TARP money out of. The banks are all collectively responsible now for this. I sat here and listened to this, and I go, this isn’t happening, man. This is not happening.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, If you’re driving, pull over. If you’re standing, sit down. I’m giving you fair warning. You’re going to hear the woman that sits at the left hand of our Father – that’s Obama – the woman who sits at the left hand of our Father, who whispers sweet nothings of communism in his ear like she whispered to Van Jones, you’re going to hear her spill the beans. Spill the beans. Wall Street, the banks, everyone. We’re all in this together. Obama’s going to announce this today. All the bailout money. Why, if one bank does better than another, and another bank can’t pay the money back, well, then Bank B, regardless of what contract or what understanding they had of the bailout funds, must then basically tax their shareholders and give it to Bank A so that Bank A can pay its loan back. We’ll have some analogies of this. But I want you to hear it straight from the commie’s mouth.

[Clip] Valerie Jarrett: It’s not just as simple as Goldman Sachs paying back the money that was lent to Goldman.

Steve Doocy: Right.

Valerie Jarrett: The money that was lent to AIG benefited Goldman. So there’s a collective responsibility on behalf of all of the large financial institutions to pay the money back. The taxpayer should not have to suffer one penny of loss. and that’s what the President is committed to, and that’s what he’ll announce today. [End clip]

Oh it sounds so sweet and saccharine, right? oh, yeah, the taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for – no, no, we’re gonna – because she said “collective.” She said that this is a collective thing.

Now, listen.
Get ready, because here it comes.

[Clip] Steve Doocy: I’m a little confused, though, by what you said. So if GM got $50 billion, but all the banks and the financial services companies wind up paying the fee and pay off the $50 billion, then would GM have to pay it off, pay it back?

Valerie Jarrett: GM is going to have to pay back whatever they’re able to pay back under the terms of their loan. We’re looking at this from the vantage point of the taxpayers. And what we’re saying is that every single penny of TARP money that was put out and lent out to the taxpayers is going to be paid back by the financial institutions. That’s what the law provides. If you go and look at the actual law that was passed, it says that the financial institutions will be responsible for paying back the TARP money, and they should honor that commitment. [End clip]

Now, folks, I will confess to you at this point in time, I’m as confused as you are...The only thing I got out of this is, A, collective; is, B, that somehow if General Motors can’t pay the money back that it borrowed, but Goldman Sachs made some fortunes this year, well, then, Goldman Sachs has to pay GM’s loan back? I’m sorry, I must have missed this. I must have missed this in all the bailout TARP discussion last year. I do not recall any discussion of America’s financial industry being a collective. I mean, what is this, the Borg? This the Wall Street Borg? You will be assimilated.

you cannot go after the fact and change the rules of contracts. That’s why they’re called contracts. This despite, and some of you will know this, despite the knowledge that many of us have that some of these institutions tried to not take the money. They were forced to take it by Henry Paulsen, Bush’s Treasury Secretary, and then by Tiny Tim Geithner. They were told, “No, no, you’re going to take it.” “I don’t – I don’t wanna.” “You’re going to take it. Shut up.” It’s like cod liver oil when you were a child.

So I’m going to listen to this with you one more time to try to get to the bottom of this. But from where I sit, the way I’m understanding this, and the way I understand what the President is going to say today, all financial institutions. Would this include, then, your community bank? Hmm? Would this be a way to reach out and get the rest of the banks that did not take bailouts, that may still be operating separately and privately? Maybe even, dare I say, profitably? Hmm? Would this be a way for the White House and for Barney Frank and the rest of these sinister people to stick their little tentacles into business that they don’t currently have it in, by claiming, oh no no, no no, no. When one institution accepted a loan, if I’m to understand this correctly, when one institution accepted a bailout loan, all of you collectively accepted responsibility for that loan. Does that sound like a moral hazard to you?

So, now the taxpayers are collectively on the hook for this??? So, now, this was sold as taxpayers benefiting collectively because this was going to save our economy. Right? Do I have that part of it right? I think I do. But now we’re going to go out, and we’re going to make pronouncements that, oh, no, no, well, what we meant to say was that you guys – so am I off the hook now? I mean, folks, you cannot have an economy, a free market economy that functions like this. Let me sum this up. Any financial company that does well is going to subsidize the failure of their competitors. Am I understanding this correctly??

Does the President of the United States have the authority to conscript every financial institution into some kind of involuntary servitude to assume the debts of their competitors simply because they’re in the same industrial class? I wonder if this applies to plumbers. Does this apply to all manufacturers, not just car companies? Well, if GMAC or GM took a bailout, doesn’t that mean that AC Delco got some benefit from it? Aren’t they on the hook, then, for GMAC or GM’s bailout? What about you people that work at the Dunlop Tire Company? You people that work at Firestone? Goodyear? Goodrich? General? Cooper? Michelin? Fatboy Tires? Aren’t you all getting benefit from General Motors and Chrysler being bailed out? Shouldn’t you, if you’re making a profit, then have some of it confiscated from you so that you can ostensibly pay back your big sugar daddy’s debt?
So here it is from today’s Washington Compost: Obama administration seeks tax hike on financial firms to recoup cost of bailout.
What an absolute charade.
This entire adminisration is a damn joke, and so are the people that agree with what they`re doing!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is this finally the end of Leviathan otherwise known as the federal government?

Liberalism is dead. R.I.P. Has assumed room temperature.

Now don’t tell this to the Libs, they are partying like its 1969, totally aloof to the tsunami of reality and disaster that is about to hit them.

Are these my far right wing talking points, you just wait and see, Obama and the Democrats are gonna fix. Actually I think that all the fixes that American Socialists have forced on the republic are the reason they’re being fitted for 7 foot long pine boxes.

Stop and make a greatest hits list of the Libs “accomplishments” and you’ll see why I’m calling in the undertaker.

Public Schools - This idea is all theirs even though today it enjoys bi-partisan support. No single progressive program has done more damage to this republic and the children living in it than public education. Libtards themselves must endlessly campaign for ever increasing amounts of resources per pupil.

More and more parents are home-schooling, tutoring and turning to 3rd party educators like Founding Father Films to educate their children.

Labor Unions, another exclusive franchise of the Stalinist libtards has worn its welcome out with but 48% of Americans approving down from its 1950’s high of 75%. These numbers do not reflect the destructive impact these unions, which these days are made of mostly government employees, have on state and local budgets.

When Americans discover the full scale of what libtard pols have promised these labor union thugs in retirement benefits, there will be a revolt. This is coming to your state very soon, it’s already hit California, Arizona and Pennsylvania to name a few.

The biggest messes created by American Socialists: Schools and the labor work force. The nail in the Libs\dems coffin comes in the form of the most discussed topic on earth today. No, NOT global warming, we’re talking “health care”.

It’s interesting to watch the Libs\dems run such a passionate campaign to slay the monster that they themselves created. It was American Socialists that created MediCare and then MediCaid. They allegedly created these wealth transfer agencies to help the elderly and the poor. They helped them alright, helped them become de-facto slaves to Leviathan. Many of these people have been stripped of their liberties and the basic human instinct of survival. This was traded to the Libtard State in exchange for the security of “free” health care benefits whose funding is provided by those who have yet to surrender to Big Brother. We call these people entrepreneurs, small biz men and women.

I have argued from day one that this issue must be argued on the grounds that it is a personal liberty to choose your doctor and for doctors to choose their profession. We have all witnessed the corrupt zeal with which the Libtards have sought to compel all of us to become their slaves and they have lost this argument.

Regardless of whether Dear Leader Chairman MaObama signs a “health care bill” this month, the people that promoted, bribed and forced it on us will be forever more marked for it and this will be their undoing.

Good… freaking… riddance!

The final nail in the Libtard coffin is Industry. The United States began the last century as the world leader in manufacturing, as late as the 1950’s, the States manufactured nearly 70% of everything consumed in this republic.


That figure has now dropped to 30% and it is the result of 50 years of unionizing, minimum wages, rules and regulations, taxes and slavery subsidies. All of these things were the dreams of the American Socialist and they became the nightmare of the American worker. This too must and will end.

What then will the Libs\dems do when they have been stripped of power over:
Schools, Industry, Health Care and Services?

Well, here’s one possible scenario: They will do what ever we demand they do, if they want a job sweeping emptying bedpans in our hospitals, sweeping floors in our power plants our washing chalk from our private school chalkboards....

It is time for this demonizing experiment called "socialism" to end, it does not work, never has worked, and never will work!

The Patriot Act is Not Conservative

If Americans needed another reminder of why the Democratic Party is absolutely worthless, they got it during last week’s Patriot Act extension debate when Senate Majority leader Harry Reid again behaved exactly like the Bush-era Republicans he once vigorously opposed. In 2005, Reid bragged to fellow Democrats, “We killed the Patriot Act.” Today, Reid says that anyone who opposes the Patriot Act might be responsible for the killing of Americans. Dick Cheney now hears an echo and Americans deserve congressional hearings—as to whether Harry Reid is a sociopath, mere liar, or both.

Universal Healthcare is SLAVERY

Supporters of Universal Healthcare want to impose an individual mandate on all working Americans. By doing this, they are sanctioning slavery on the American People. On 09/09/09, President Obama addressed the Congress and the nation, stating that individuals would be required to purchase healthcare. Anyone who does not will be fined up to $1,900, thrown in prison, and fined an additional $25,000. This is a perfect example of government tyranny, and is more properly termed, "fascism." In any program designed to help others, there is always an option to withdraw or not participate. A person who doesn’t want to buy auto insurance can opt not to drive a car. A person who doesn’t want house insurance can rent instead of buying a house. In the case of healthcare, a tax is placed on the right to LIFE itself. We should remember that even the slavemasters of old were interested in the healthiness of their slaves. A person who cannot opt out is not free—he or she is nothing but a slave. Socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Draft all result in slavery or involuntary servitude. Now is the time to uphold the 13th Amendment by defeating Unconstitutional Healthcare.

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